The Road to Serfdom


The Road to Serfdom by Friedrich August von Hayek (read by William Hughes)

00:17 Foreword
37:58 Preface
41:51 Preface 1976
50:09 Introduction
1:08:46 Ch1 The Abandoned Road
1:37:31 Ch2 The Great Utopia
1:54:46 Ch3 Individualism and Collectivism
2:18:32 Ch4 The Inevitability of Planning
2:45:52 Ch5 Planning and Democracy
3:20:06 Ch6 Planning and the Rule of Law
3:54:33 Ch7 Economic Control and Totalitarianism
4:23:01 Ch8 Who, Whom
5:00:49 Ch9 Security and Freedom
5:31:27 Ch10 Why the Worst Get On Top
6:11:01 Ch11 The End of Truth
6:38:41 Ch12 The Socialist Roots of Nazism
7:09:40 Ch13 The Totalitarians in Our Midst
7:54:43 Ch14 Material Conditions and Ideal Ends
8:33:17 Ch15 The Prospects of International Order
9:14:55 Ch16 Conclusion